eBay Best Practices Tips


eBay Best Practices

Seller Performance Level 

Seller Performance Level 
Note: This should be #1 priority. If the account is underperforming, their search ranking will be severely impacted.

Top Rated:     Boost in search ranking – 10% off final value fees* – (If requirements below are met)
Above Standard:Standard search ranking
Below Standard:Search ranking demotion – 4% surcharge added to final value fees

Top Rated Plus (10% discount) 
Returns:30+ day return policy
Shipping:Same-day or one-day handling time promise
Top Rated Seal:Top Rated Seal prominently displayed within listing – increases buyer's trust

Listing Optimization 

  • Titles + Structure 

Relative keywords:80 characters maximum – fully use this to include all relative keywords
Structure Best Practices: 
Clothing Shoes and Accessories: Brand + Gender + Product Type + Attributes
Hard Goods: Brand + Product Type + Attributes (Size, Weight, Quantity, Count)
Electronics: Brand + Attribute + Product Type + Model #
Seasonal: Occasion + Product Type + Attributes
Books: Title + Type + Format (eBook, Hardcover) + Author

  • Categories 

Category: Choose the category that is most relevant to your item
'Other':Avoid categories that have 'Other' in them – These appear less within search organically
Example: Baby: Other Baby
Store Categories:Use of the 'Other' store category is also frowned upon
                            I'd like this to the clearance aisle at a grocery store. It's messy and unorganized, and shoppers will not use this as a search location

  • Multi-Variation Listings 

Title: Character limit is 50, not 80
Cross promote: Allows showcasing and cross promotion on all related SKUs in one listing.
                          Keeps the buyer engaged on that listing
                          Builds strong sales history – which impacts search ranking positively
Variation: Each variation can have its own unique picture, price, quantity
Photos: Add one image that displays all the variations of the product
             Add at least one image for each variation of the product

  • Gallery Images 

Resolution: Images are required to be a minimum size of 500 pixels on longest side
                   Don't list with images less than 800px on longest side (Enables zoom feature automatically [Free])
                   Best practice would be to use images with 1,000 – 1,400px on longest side – best quality without impacting mobile loading times
Quality: Use clean white background
             No clutter or distractions
             Don't add text, or borders
             No watermarks
Quantity: Use up to 12 images free – at a minimum use 4 to see higher conversion
Description: Do NOT use product photos within description. This impacts mobile load times, and will impact mobile conversion severely.

Item Specifics 
Required Product Identifiers: Include UPC, MPN, and Brand; Makes your item more searchable on and off site (Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc.)
Additional Product Information: Include as many RELEVANT item specifics as possible; Makes your item more searchable on and off site (Google/Yahoo/Bing/etc.)
                                                    Buyers use item specifics to aid in search refinement
Examples: Brand, Size, Color, Model – Many other opportunities, dependent on category of item being sold
Condition: Use the item condition description field only to describe the condition of the item

Length: Create a clear and concise description of the product that's being sold. Do NOT write a lengthy paragraph. 
             Use bullet points
             Do not include w/in description: Images
Payment information
Shipping information
Returns information
"Contact us" information
Active content
Selling Format 
Fixed Price: Good Till Canceled (GTC) – Auto renews every 30 days until the item is ended or sells out – Build sales history
Pricing: Price your items competitively – including shipping costs
Payment Method 
Immediate Payment : Require buyers to immediately pay upon purchase
PayPal : PayPal should be the preferred payment method, CCs are processed through PayPal
Top Rated Plus:30 day returns is a requirement for Top Rated Plus listing benefits
Best Practice:60 day FREE returns is best practice to show you stand behind your product, and have optimal customer service
Free Shipping:Offering free shipping will increase search ranking, and will protect seller from being filtered out of search
Bake the cost of "free shipping" into the base price-point of the item
Handling Time:Offer same-day or one-day handling time – Requirement for Top Rated Plus listing benefits
Multiple Shipping Options:Have a free standard shipping service
Offer an expedited shipping service with a premium cost
Offer an over-night shipping service with an increased premium cost
Honesty: Be honest with shipping prices – too high of prices will turn off customers, and too low will cut into margins
Guaranteed Delivery Req's 
(Handling Time):Require immediate payment
Same-day or one-day handling time
Use eBay shipping labels, or use third parties: Shippo or Shiprush
Accept returns
Above Standard or Top Rated
(Door-to-Door):Require immediate payment
Accept returns
Above Standard or Top Rated
Use flat rate shipping
Set up shipping rate tables and apply to listings
Upload tracking information with trackable shipping carrier (DHL , USPS, Fedex, UPS and Ontrac)